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November 30th, 2003!!!PICA! PICA! PICA!!! Pagophagia vs. Onychophagia. Who will be the champ?
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to Hartford and all points north
"It's like this watch you bought me, babe, I love it so much that I wear it everyday and now it's all fucked up!
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June 3, 2005
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If I knew, exactly, where I was going, I would definitely take a detour.

Tit with which, witch hit with!!!

soft determinism.

Shouldn't this freedom have set me free?!


Conclusion: Yes it is indeed the same price to put bacon on your two cheeseburger value meal and squish the burgers together, as it is to just buy a double bacon cheeseburger value meal. The difference in some cases is actually ten cents cheaper plus you get TWO burgers worth of bacon. Yep count em baby, SIX STRIPS!!! If you're really hungry, you get an extra hamburger bun, too (I do not recommend eating raw fast food bread).


I got the runs... maybe it's the 634,000,000 kilos of Jesus consumed every year.

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