As my unemployed butt (who thinks with their head after all?) wonders how I am going to pay for the two new tires I had to purchase for my craptacular car, my thoughts travel back to eleven years ago when I was in that same store, buying two tires, but for far different reasons.

I had just gotten my driver's license a month ago, and was relishing in my new found freedom. Since my older friends had driven me around for years, I was happy to repay the favor so my brother(we actaully did stuff together back then!) a friend, and myself went to play some ball and get some drinks at the convenience store. Once we had gotten our stuff at the store, we went in the car and headed for home. My next sights were:

  • A cascade of glass, like a waterfall, but more angular.
  • Many, many bottles of Gatorade (orange flavored) bouncing off the hood of my car at crazy angles.
  • A clerk at the store who looked like he had seen his personal hell cracked open, I had no idea human eyes could open that wide, and that people could move that fast.

I guess by reading this, you figured out what had happened.

The convenience store hit me!!!

I had minimal damage to my car, some small dents from the Gatorade, some scratches and two blown tires, and nobody was hurt. My parents had a fit, and I still get teased about it from time to time(It didn't help that it made the local paper). But even years later, like today at the tire shop, it still makes me laugh.