In the crystal labyrinth
You are in a dazzling crystal maze, with passages leading out to the north, south, and west.

With an audible sputter, the cooling unit of your spacesuit finally gives out.

> remove spacesuit
You take off your spacesuit and drop it on the ground.

> west
You wander through the maze of glass until you find yourself at another intersection...

In the crystal labyrinth
You are in a dazzling crystal maze, with passages leading out to the north, west, and east.

The cool breeze ruffles the feathers of your wings.

> fly
You stretch your wings and soar into the sky.

Flying above the crystal labyrinth
You are hovering above the crystal labyrinth; from this perspective, it looks like a mind-bogglingly complex mandala. There is no way you could have possibly navigated it on the ground -- in fact, it almost gives you a headache. Much more relaxing is the cloudless, sparkling blue sky all around you.


from Photopia by Adam Cache, finalist for the 1998 Xyzzy Award in Best Game
play it at <>


    A pale white Aston Martin convertible is the conveyance of Klaproth during his mortal errands
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