Dear therapist,
the Doctor tells me I can go home today, so when my brother gets here I am gone. I feel some better, not completely "here" but better. I know that I was in bad shape when I got here though, and that is saying something. I also know that the people here, the patients here, are really sick and need help, and I am glad there are people like you for them to talk to, when they can talk.

A lot of my talking is through letters like this and I appreciate you reading them without making intricate interpretations. It was nice to send them out and allow them to settle awhile without a quick response and those questions -"What does it mean to you?" and all that. I am sure that later, when you were meeting in the Big Room questions were asked, but you spared me that, and I appreciate it.

Something you should know, also. Some of the letters that you sent back to me, I am keeping. Not because of the comments you wrote on them, which were nice, but because I like them- I know a lot of it is crazy nonsense and I don't doubt that I should bury the evidence, but I like them. I thought you should know.

Thanks again,

I don't think you people- you Mental people, you Big Room people-
I don't think you get it- you don't UNDERSTAND IT.
You are missing the forest for the trees, and the grass and the wind and the sky-
the sky is filled with messages that you refuse to read
you deny they are there, but they ARE there-
messages of importance-
the significance of white jet trails against the blue/pink sky- the crosses, the angles?
You don't get it, do you?
Well, I do. and I'm not telling yet. Maybe later.
If I trust you. Which I don't.

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