Guerilla demolitions, sometimes commonly referred to as “MacGyver Demolitions” is the practice of destroying property and personnel by means of available ingredients and material without the support of typical or manufactured explosive devices. In this node we will review one possible scenario for a small building demolition utilizing a sack of flour and two rounds of NATO issue .223 ammunition.

Baking flour, unbeknownst to many people is quite incendiary, when combined with another common ingredient, oxygen. Flour is explosive in the same manner as a silo explosion. When properly distributed in a normal atmosphere, practically any particulate becomes inflammable and even explosive.

The name of this node is a little misleading as a few more ingredients are required, and the details will change slightly depending on the situation. The flour demolition is a three stage explosion. First we use a more easily combustible material to distribute the flour. Second, the flour needs a short amount of time to fill the closed space of a room. Third, a secondary ignition source is required to ignite the flour. Depending on the amount of flour, the size of the room and the distribution pattern of the flour, results could vary. The room may simply catch fire with a satisfying boom sound. Or, the walls themselves may part in a nice big, gut thumping, BOOM.

I will now detail some specifics, remember ingenuity is the key to a successful operation, some details and material may not available when needed. Adapt, improvise and overcome.
  • remove the flour from the sack.
  • tear or cut a long thin strip of the bag, you’ll want about two feet.
  • carefully remove the bullet from the top of each shell. Don’t spill any of the powder, we need it all.
  • We need an agent to bond the gun powder to the paper. Wax works great, so does meat fat. Cooking oil is not thick enough. Some types of automotive grease work well, but use caution, some auto grease is extremely flammable and may burn faster than the powder resulting in a premature detonation.
  • coat the long strip of paper with the bonding agent.
  • cover the prepared paper strip with the gun powder from one shell. Once covered, roll the paper between your hands to twist the paper into a cord. This is our fuse.
  • Remove a good portion of the flour sack and lay it flat. Pour the powder from the second shell onto the paper. Carefully and tightly fold the paper and powder into a tight packet. It is important to get the packet as tight as possible, otherwise the powder will simply combust without exploding.
  • Use your knife to drill a small hole in one side of the packet and insert your fuse into it. This is the bottom of the packet
  • wrap the packet in tape. Cover the whole thing several times. You should now have a vaguely squarish packet of mostly paper and tape with some gun powder in the center and a little tail extending from the bottom.
  • Using a sharp knife lightly cut a cross hatch pattern on the top side of the packet.
  • Find a coffee can, or soup pot, or plant pot. You get the idea, something taller than it is wide. If it doesn’t already have a hole in the bottom make one.
  • lay your packet on the bottom of the can and fish the fuse out the hole.
  • Cover the packet with all the flour.
  • light a candle and place it at the end of the room farthest from the exit.
  • if the room has HVAC, attempt to disable it. Close all windows, turn off all fans. The less air flow the better.
  • place the can with the flour and the packet inside 1/3 of the distance between the center of the room and the exit.
  • light the fuse.
  • Beat feet. Your fuse will not burn consistently. Use all haste when exiting the premises, it could take two minutes to burn or it could burn in less than ten seconds. You simply can’t be more precise when making homemade fuses. Sorry this isn’t rocket science.
  • the packet should explode and scatter the flour around the room in a big cloud. When the flour is evenly distributed and fills the room the candle will provide the secondary ignition and the flour will combust.
  • never go back. If the nothing happens, don't check on it, the packet may choose to smolder for several minutes and explode just as you think to return and see whats going on.

If everything went right the building will have been destroyed, or more likely, all the windows and doors will have blown off and the contents of the interior reduced to unsuable junk. If everything went wrong, well then, one of two things will have happened. 1, you made a mess but caused no real damage. 2, you died. Good luck!

Don’t try this at home. Don’t try this on bus. Do not try this on a train or in the rain. Do not try this anywhere. Never do this. Don’t be stupid.

Let me be completely clear about this. You are made of spam wrapped around sticks. Spam is delicate and explodes easily. In the Army we have a name for people who fuck with explosives and don't know what they're doing, we called them Pink Mist Clouds.

Don't be one of those guys.

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