Today was my first full day visiting xm at the University of Rochester in wonderfully freezing upstate New York.

We woke up at around 11:30 AM, did the whole hygiene thing, and walked with wet hair in -11 degree temperatures to get illness inducing food. I had dry scrambled eggs, sausage and a salad (the salad is good!) We came back to Jon's dorm to regroup and then headed to the library to get some books he needed for class. The library is sketchy as hell.

I wrote in my journal while Jon wrote article summaries. Lovely fun.

I think we went to get lunch now. I had a gross steak and cheese from a school-run Blimpie. It proceded to make me very ill.

Later on we decided to give Jon a haircut! We hunted around for someone with clippers and then went in the bathroom for hair-cutting fun. We also re-shaved the short parts of my hair (back and sides.)

I somehow managed to get in a fight with my ex on AIM. She was being super-bitchy to Trojal just 'cause he has a cute girlfriend now. I told her to fuck herself and she proceeded to rant about how I have no right be a dickhead to her just becasuse I'm in a bad mood, and how I'm so immature and she never thought I was mature in the first place. Blah. It actually upsets me to some extent. I'm so not over her, yet.