Entrapment - 1999 - DVD Special Edition - Directed by Jon Amiel

Running Time: 113 minutes. Rated PG-13 by the MPAA.

Special Features:

Technical Features:

The extras on this DVD are weak. The deleted scenes (there are 2) add nothing to the DVD. One is an extension of the car chase scene, the other features Catherine Zeta-Jones walking around in her apartment and has no sound. There is director commentary for both, but it's just him explaining why these two scenes weren't in the film.

The alternate ending isn't really an alternate ending. It's the regular ending, cut a minute or two short, with the last shot freeze-framed, and then a fade out.

The featurette is just the HBO special on the making of Entrapment. Interesting, but nothing special.

Curious. This got voted down not five minutes after I posted it.
Apparently someone really likes the extras on this DVD.
Enough to waste a vote, anyway.

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