A juvenile game that all of the guys in our Junior High School took part in. Upon sitting down at a lunch table, you had to immediately announce "No Snatchies!". If you didn't say it, any good food you had would be taken, and then you would hear in a mocking voice, "Snatchies... Got 'em!" There was really no way to get your food back, unless you whined enough about it, but that left you open for even more abuse. Better to give up those Raisinets than be called a crybaby for a month.

This game quickly evolved into different forms, such as Grabbies, Takesies, or Swipesies, as calling "No Snatchies!" became as ingrained into our minds as breathing and eating. The lunchroom monitors frowned upon this game, as they often times had to question Maurice as to how he ended up with two pizzas, three puddings, two chocolate milks, a salad, a Peach Fruit Roll-up, and a Dynamite Bar.