It really is. Once you start lying, you have to keep on lying. Sooner or later you will forget which particular lie you told to whom and you will suffer. Don't get it twisted, you WILL forget. Telling the truth is easy. There's only one way to tell it and it never changes.

To be a good liar you really have to work hard at it. You have to be a low-life sack of shit with no morals and enjoy swindling people just for the hell of it. I tried to be a good liar but it didn't work out for me. I'm not a quitter mind you, I just realized that I can't lie like rugs or most sales folk, that low-life sack of shit thing just wasn't me and I don't like mental or physical pain. The truth doesn't hurt as much as lying does and it saves so much time and effort.

If you are committed to telling the truth, go all the way baby! An omission is a LIE! There is no such thing as a good lie or a half-truth. A lie is a lie is a gosh darned lie!