Shine green
Bright green
My eyes grow big so that I can take it all in
The light stings my wet eyes
But yet I do not look away
The rain makes the tree heavy
The branches sweep my head
They drop small raindrops on my rain soaked hair

They look surreal in the murky fog that surrounds the buildings
Their trunks are a deep black from the rain
Their leaves shine brilliant shades of green

The garden is lined with these trees
All sizes and colours

One green

One red

One yellow

I wish I could paint so that I could capture the brilliance of the scene
Words alone cannot do it justice
Perhaps not even a picture could capture the feeling that the trees give this day
I could look up every word to describe beauty and yet the phrases would lack the smell of the water drenched trees
You wouldn’t be able to feel the rain fall on your eyelashes
I've given up on words to describe what I feel.

I wish you could see it
I wish sometimes I could show people what Its like to look through my eyes
Maybe then they could understand me a little bit better