Hm... ccunning's write-up seems mainly to attack the McDonalds advertisements. What is advertising? Advertising tries to
1. Make you desire a product or service.
2. Give information on a product or service in the hope that point 1. will come to fruition.

If we accept advertising in this way, then surely we should take it all with a pinch of salt. McDonalds restaurants are often franchised, meaning McDonalds don't always have ultimate control over their day-to-day running.

So McDonalds advertising, which is an obvious benefit to the franchisee, is trying to make their product desirable. What do you expect them to do, show pictures of unwholesome looking food and angry, bitter staff? No, because then they wouldn't sell burgers.

If your experience in a restaurant is bad, then sure, do what scoopa suggested and stop eating there. In time, McDonalds will learn their mistakes and try to fix them due to lost custom from people who are pissed off. But don't expect them to change their advertising to show unhappy diners!

As for selling more nutritious food... people who go into McDonalds aren't looking for nutritious food, they're looking for something fast and tasty. It isn't in McDonalds interest to provide nutritious food, and I personally don't expect them to do it.