I allways decide to upvote or downvote daylogs based on their first line.

So this last week I´ve been trying out a new money making scheme: namely to see my Grateful Dead bootlegs on German ebay. The experiment has been a shocking success. Yesterday I sold 4 CDs for 112€ to one bidder.


In other news I am about to buy medical insurance here... I need to get some in order to get my visa to live here in Deuteschland legally. This is a must. I´m still freelancing for the Deutsche Telekom somewhat illegally considering I entered the country as a tourist. But they don´t seem to mind so either do I.

Went to see American Beauty last night and tonight I have tickets to the midnight show of Attack of the Clones! This weekend I am going to the Rock Am Ring rock festival near Koblenz to see:

Lenny Kravitz
Neil Young
Natalie Merchant
Counting Crows

What else? I´m just blown away by this ebay thing!

One of my co-workers brought me a pot seed chocolate bar today and 9 of my 10 Maui Waui and Afgani seeds have sprouted and are now in pots waiting to germinate.

We went to Venlo, Holland over the weekend to get some seeds and smoke for the concert and beyond. allmost 8 grams was only 30€. I find pot so incredibly cheap when it´s legal. Back in Oregon that same stash would have cost me $90.