The last couple of days have really sucked.

I moved to Louisville, Kentucky yesterday. On the drive down here from Chicago my VW overheated. I pulled into Lafayette, Indiana to check out the problem. Turned out two of my head gaskets were blown. I spent the night at a local hotel unable to sleep for despair at the cost of the repair and the indecision as to what to do next.

Well the next day I rented a van, shifted all my stuff from the VW to it and drove the rest of the way here leaving my van sitting at a Firestone lot 190 miles to the north. Saturday I'm going to go with my friend Dave back up there with a tow dolly we're going to rent from a U-haul shop and pick the avn up and tow it back to Louisville.

Once it's here I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I might try to find a new engine for it or I might just leave it sit and buy another car.

So today I went out to try and 1) find a job and 2) find a new car. Found out that no dealership will finance an auto for me without me having a job. Won't be able to get a job let alone go to nterviews untill I get a car. Catch-22. So then I found an ad looking for a roomate and called it. The man, Michael (I'll call him), called me back and I made an appointment to see the house at 7pm tonight. I go there (in the rental van) only noone is home. I call him back, "Oh I had to run some errands, I wanted to call you to tell you that my roomate wouldn't be home till 9pm and that we needed to make another time... but I forgot."

Thanks you fucker for sending me out in the cold and rain on a fool's errand. Perfect par for my course of a day. Final straw was watching Catwoman with my buddie Dave. This movie sucked almost as bad as Vanilla Sky. Whatever you do don't waste your time watching it. Sad thing was I had new DVDs of Solaris, Starsky and Hutch and Lost in Translation that we could have watched. But noooooo....

So now I'm filled with anxiety about my decision to move to Louisville. I don't have a car, I don't have a job, I have about 5k insaving that I must now spend on a new car... or repairing my VW. I have no job opportunities. I can't even take a real job because I'm going to Europe in March for three weeks and who the hell is going to hire someone to work for a month. I'm fucked up and I know it. Desperation sets in.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. I hope so. Still it's not the end yet. I do have the savings, I will be going to Amsterdam and Spain in March. I'm now living in the same town as my son Quinn and once I do get settled down I will be able to spend a lot more time with him. Just wish the damn car hadn't died in Indiana. That really fucked up my whole momentum and movie.