I tried to explain what a slacker was yesterday to one of my co-workers after she commented on how prompt I am with completing my assignments. I told her it wasn’t true that I am really a very lazy person, a slacker, and that I was just good at pretending I was a good worker. She didn’t seem to buy the idea, which makes me wonder about my job security.

I don’t want to lose my job, or more precisely, when my contract ends I want it to be renewed. For 3 reasons:

I’m making a whopping $1600 a month plus free lunches and other benefits (such as free office supplies, free mail {even DHL overnight to the sates}, free etc.)

I want to continue to remain in Europe until my girlfriend, Kristi, finishes university

I want to continue to remain in Europe because of the wonderful vacation opportunities (It’s a lot easier to fly to Morroco or Budapest or London or see the beaches of Greece, Amalfi Coast or Sardegnia from where I live and work in Torino).

So I’ve had a little job aniety lately, mostly because I’m only being praised for my efforts. It seems much too easy, like … I don’t know but I’m thinking of how Luke Skywalker must have felt in ESB when Yoda suprizes the shit out of him. I’m just waiting for the suprize …


In addition it started snowing yesterday and hasn't stopped yet. This is only the 3rd snow duing my stay here in Torino and it's the largest one yet. I wned out this morning armed with my Konika motorwinder and some black and white, but after 3 frames the camera froze. I rewond the film and luckilly I was only a block from my place, so I went back upstairs and grabbed the Minolta with the 35-135 lense and headed back out with a roll of 100 ASA Kodachrome slide film. Shot off a few caps on the way to work...