Commandos is also a great videogame saga by Pyro Interactive, apparently from Spain, and edited by Eidos. It has currently three episodes :

The plot is set during World War II. The player leads a handful of stealth extremely skilled men who have to accomplish some secret mission. Typical mission goals are the rescue of a resistance member, the assassination of a German oficer, or the bombing of a military objective. Generally this involves stalking German guards, then ripping them when and where there is no one to notice. In some level, the Germans are very paranoid and will shout "Alarm" on any clue there are ennemies (commandos), thus making the primary goals unreachable. Hiding the bodies is often essential.

The different commandos the player will encounter are the following :

  • The Green Beret (Jack "Butcher" O'Hara) : He can burry himself. He can rip German guards from behind. He can carry the dead bodies. He can have the guards going to a certain place by placing a decoy.
  • The driver (Samuel Brooklyn) : he can drive many vehicles, and can use a machine gun.
  • The sniper (sir Francis T. Woolridge - "Duke"): he usually has a small number of bullets for his super accurate, long distance rifle.
  • The spy (René "Frenchy" Duchamp) : is a French native, he has an outrageous accent Engliche. From BCD on, the French accent becomes yet more irritating. He can take the appearance of a German officer and distract the german guards. He can also carry dead bodies.
  • The diver (James "Fins" Blackwood) : he can dive with O2 bottles, leaving no trace in the water. He can also use an inflatable boat, to carry up to three other commandos.
  • The bomber (Thomas Hancock) : He can put time bombs, remote controlled bombs, traps.
MOC adds the following characters :
  • The thief (Paul "Lupin" Toledo) : He can climb any wall / wire you can imagine. He doesn't use guns, only his fists. He can also pick locks.
  • The "femme fatale" (Nathasha Nikochevsky) : she uses her charm to distract the enemy.
  • Bull Terrier (Whiskey) : was picked up by Lupin after his french master died in an operation near La Rochelle. the writer of this wu doesn't know yet what he's useful for.
Episode 1 featured a 3D static prerendered isometric view, episode 2 added the possibility to switch between four different (90°-rotated), isometric views. The different places visited by the team cover nearly every WW2 theater :
BCD seems to start in Yougoslavia, MOC in the french submarine base of La Palice near La Rochelle.