Two babies.

One finally decided to 'join the world' -- he was 2 weeks late. We got the call this afternoon (monday) he's a cute fawn little boy, a girl would of been better tho but health is what counts. I get the priviledge of naming him - I'm not sure what I was hoping for a black baby girl to name her noir bandita.

Baby number 2 is 3 weeks late - he's been active in his mommies tummy, we can see him wiggling but he's just being stubborn.

I hope he hurries up - it's not good the longer a baby waits cause they can be too big. It's nerve wrecking this weekend is HOT DAMN 3! nodestock I don't want baby to interfere, I'm not greedy it's my first gathering damn it, he better plan this birth properly!

Say a little prayer let's hope this baby comes soon!! I'll keep ya all up to date!

This is Part One of the Alpaca Saga