Well...nice thunderstorm last night - quite frankly it down several trees and lines across Ohio, but also 5 trees in the general area around the house here.

This is the final weekend also before school - but today is a commuter school meeting, yippie. This is also the final weekend for my car to not have marathon runs between Cleveland, Akron, Kent and Atwater (all in Ohio.

My course load this semester is split between two colleges and includes: Intro to College (ha finally taking my 3rd year into the gig), Creative Writing, Photography, Shakespeare, and last but not least Career Exploration (need to give my butt a kick start to finish already).

Another depressing thing I heard yesterday was the cancellation and firing of Opie and Anthony the two shock jocks that were syndicated into Cleveland from New York. Although they were at times vulgar they were funny - even my mother and father listened to it! (and they're in their 50s which all of their friends listen to Rush Limbaugh and they listened to O&A )<\p>

- The rumor now is that Clearchannel might pick them up, but personally (at least in this region) CC is too conservative for them. Let's hope where ever they go it'll once again be syndicated!