Another Uberman's Sleep Schedule Blog. (cont.)


3:36 AM Saturday June 5, 2004 - Just woke up from my 3:00 Nap. I've fallen into naps at 3, 7 and 11. It's just how it worked out, but I figure I can change it if neccessary. I'm pretty tired right now. This last nap was the first nap I slept, and I still barely slept at all. I'm just hoping I can make it through until 7. I'm not THAT tired, but I have a feeling I will be. I plan on doing some situps or jumping jacks to keep awake, but unfortunately, I can't go outsideto wake up due to the rain, and I can't run around the house, as everyone else is asleep. I'm also bored and while there's plenty to do (read, work, play) I don't feel like concentrating for that long.