This is what i feel, this might help you, or you will probaby just think i'm a yaafi.

I am currently going through a bad patch of my life, I can feel the depression in my head and I want it, so much, to go away. This motivated me to write losing control, because I find that everything is getting too much. Things have always been bad, just not this bad.

The solution that I am trying is to find someone to open up too, someone I can trust with my life and someone who cares. I cannot let this hate, anger, fear, and loneliness continue, and now it is time to stop complaining and to do something about all the bad stuff.

Something else I have found to have helped a little is to get more sleep, and instead of trying to get to sleep, relaxing, controlling my breathing and getting into the most comfortable position possible.

When I have opened up, I will try my utmost to solve all my problems that I can do something about. The shit has gone on too long…

The problem will be written down, analysed, discussed until I find the perfect solution to solve the most complicated problems. Determination is what shall help me.

I cannot live this “abnormal” life anymore, I need people.

Am i talking crap? /msg me

Just Do It! (please replace with less crap saying that means the same thing)