RollerCoaster Tycoon is a game that could be described as a fun strategy, “build ‘em up”, and management simulation in which not only do you get to build large theme parks but also have the ability to construct completely psychotic roller coasters.

It is played in a overhead Simcity style perspective and is available for PC-CDROM.

Other Main Features

Random Facts about the game

  • Roller coaster tycoon was made by very few people, with all the design and programming done by Chris Sawyer, others provided graphics and sound effects.
  • 38,365 bitmap graphics make up the game.
  • Some of Rollercoaster Tycoons sound effects were recorded at Lightwater Valley Theme park in North Yorkshire, England.
  • The games creator, Chris Sawyer, didn’t like roller coasters when he first started making the game. He spent several days ill after riding one particular roller coaster 39 times.