Well this weekend was okay I guess.... Nothing specail except I went home with my girlfriend to her parents house. Brought her home from college for the weekends. The good part is that we didn't have to go to a wedding. Just a waste of a Saturday.

But on Sunday, we had to go to a family gathering. It was okay, though nothing like hanging out with the extended family of someone you are dating. Just one introduction after another, people you don't remember from last time, so why remember now?

The cool thing about the whole time was on of the cousins went to NYC and spent three weeks seeing what has changed. He was there for the memorial service at Yankee Statdium and saw everything that happened. He had some good photographs as he took well over 200 pictures. My how New York has changed since September 11, 2001.
On another note, I'm subbing again today... Watching Hamlet with Mel Gibson in it. I don't think it is as good as the one that Kenneth Branaugh does, but I guess that is personal choice. I don't understand why these students do not understand what the play is all about, did their teacher no explain it?
There's nothing as boring as watching the same movie over and over again all day long.