A note to all of those trying to work as salespeople or to start a new company, when dealing with your customers, do not talk down to them. Don't make your customer feel like an ass. Here's the reason, they will switch you from their vendor and you will lose money.

An example of this: The company I work for is switching copying companies to Ikon. In order to connect the copiers, we need to change plugs, we don't have the right faceplate. In other words, didn't have the right NEMA rating on the plug. So I called the eletrician that wired the building, he says "Did you look at where the current copier was plugged in?" No I didn't, I just assumed I needed to spend money.... Of course I looked which I told him. After that he said "Are you sure?" Which is the end of the rope, of course I'm sure, I know what I'm talking about. I even googled the plug so I had an image of the thing.

To end this rant the company is on the way out with us, we are looking for a new company to meet our electrical needs. Customer service does matter.