I have had an intresting thought go through my head today as I was wrestling with a computer problem. It is acutally a theology question. If I believe in a God that has complete control over everything, then is He in control of a computer having problems? When a server crashes and I am not able to fix it real quick, can I pray and ask Him for help and the problem would get solved faster? Does God have control over computers?

Does my belief in the fact that God controls everything only go as far as living creatures? If I say yes, then when my car breaks down, is that something that only I can fix or can God help me out.

I think I have reached some form of a conclusion that God does not have complete control over non-living things, but He has control over those that make them and solve problems. Take my computer problem for example, by asking for help or saying a quick prayer, He might guide me to a better solution or something new I have not thought of.

Just a random thought, back to struggling with my Exchange server problems.