An album by The Tea Party, released in Canada in March 1995 and Australia in August 1995. Absorbs many different styles and instruments into a very creative and emotional album. Received rave reviews from many critics and earned the band some well deserved fame. Described by Jeff Martin, the band's frontman as "...fusing progressive music with world influences and somehow getting a marriage happening...", this album removed all the stereotypes the band was facing and created an unique sound for them.

  1. Fire in the Head
  2. The Bazaar
  3. Correspondences
  4. The Badger
  5. Silence
  6. Sister Awake
  7. Turn the Lamp Down Low
  8. Shadows on the Mountainside
  9. Drawing Down the Moon
  10. Inanna
  11. Coming Home
  12. Walk With Me
  13. The Spoken Word (Secret Track)

Another interesting note is that about 14 minutes into the 12th track, you can hear a thud and a crash and Jeff singing quietly in the background. Apparently, this song was a little too close to the heart and Jeff got lost in the emotion, punching the wall in the studio. Consequently, things fell from the wall, crashing into the equipment. And if you listen closely at the end, you can hear Jeff singing: "Does it tear you apart, my love? Does it tear you apart, my love? Cause it tears me apart..." in a very choked voice. In the interview, Jeff was quick to add that he never cries.