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Hello. I'm new to E2. I actully have not posted many nodes, so bear with me, if the ones that i have created, are dumb. I'm still nervious as to making myself sound like a complete moron, So I am still checking out the E2 FAQs, and the Everything University. I usually joke around a lot, so most of my posts will involve humour in one form or another, if at all possible.

I love to...
Listen to music, Create Web Sites, Play RPG's, Play the Guitar, Read Books by R.A. Salvatore, Play Everquest, Learn new Computer Languages
(This is an incomplete list as of yet...)

Musical Artists / bands I listen to:

Dave Matthews Band, They Might be Giants, Cake, Limp Bizkit (somewhat), Moby, Fatboy Slim, Barenaked Ladies, Tim Reynolds, Papa Roach, (Uncompleted, will add more bands if/when I think of one.)

I am also the brother of Lactic.Acid, and a frequent victim of typos... My fingers tend to get cold and stiff and I don't realize that I have errored. So bear with me. =)

Feel free to /message or /tell me. =)

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