The Sequal to the Sony Playstations Grandia.

Grandia 2 is for the Sega Dreamcast. Created by ESP/Game Arts and UbiSoft. Orignally created in 2000 by Game Arts. It is a RPG (Role Playing Game)

You play a Male GeoHound--a mercenary basically (a job hated throughout this world)--who has been hired to be a bodyguard for Elena, a singer or Songstress, in the Church of Granas. You must Escort her to a tower for a special Ceremony, to re-seal, once and for all, the Evil Valmar.

Granas being the God and Valmar being the Devil in this story, you can see the importance of completing this ceremony correctly, for the fate of the world...

You see, 10,000 years ago, there was Peace. Granas Created the world, and everyone was happy, and constructed giant Towers and buldings with magic bestowed upon them by Granas. But the people got lazy, and from that, spewed Hatred for others, which led to darkness. Thus Valmar was created.

Then there was war.

For Years upon years there was war. Good versus Evil, the light versus dark. Many died, and many scars were left upon the world. It was said that Granas had defeated Valmar and sealed him away in many parts throughout the world. And without this Ceremony that you must take Elena to, Valmar may be revived, and shall once again reign terror across the world.
The information above was compiled of My own memory, and

I just recently completed this game, and I must say, it was one of the best I have ever played. I have played many RPGs. I own, and have owned numerous RPG Websites, so I have played many. And none, Except Final Fantasy Tactics, surpass Grandia 2. This was the only game that brought out true emotions from me. True sadness, or anger, or happiness over the plot, except Final Fantasy Tactics.