Maranata or Marana'ta, (english/greek Maranatha) an Armanic sentence made from the words "marana" and "ta", meaning "Come, our Lord!", "The Lord is coming!" or "The Lord has come!".

Armanian was alledgedly the language spoken by Jesus (supposedly the son of God), and this word was common during the times when Christianity was a small religion - christians were few and persecuted. Maranata was then used as a greeting and as a symbol of hope.

Maranata is also the name of several religious organizations (although very few of them call themselves that) throughout the world, most notably in Sweden and Spain. These organizations believe that the end is near and that all those who do not have the right beliefs (as defined by the organization) will soon burn in hell. They're also strictly against abortions, they think that slapping children is a perfectly good way of telling them how to behave, and they hate homosexuals. In other words, typical religious fanatics. Luckily, they're not particularly violent, since they follow the Bible to the letter.