Slapping is an approach to playing bass, in which the string(usually the E or A) is struck with the joint of the thumb between the neck and the first pickup. A slap is almost always followed by a pop, in which the index or middle finger pulls through from the bottom of the D or G string.

Once a slap is executed, the thumb should then follow through to rest on the string beneath, making it possible for a thumb-pop. This can be done by pulling up and through the string with the opposite side of your thumb. These two notes can then be followed by an index finger pop, a middle finger pop, or a flam, in which the index finger is used to play a ghost note and the middle finger pops on the actual beat. Once put together and applied to a song or open jam session, these techniques can be used to play a flurry of notes, and you will most likely blow away the majority of the populous listening to you.

Slap"per (?), Slap"ping (?), a.

Very large; monstrous; big.



© Webster 1913.

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