Extremely funny parody of rock classic Video Killed the Radio Star. Internet Killed the Video Star is a product of the Broad Band at eStudio. The video features a beautifully animated look at the past, present and future of entertainment, both in regard to video, cinema and music.

As for the title of the song, I haven't seen MP3 audio or Internet music in some other form kill MTV or even plain old CD's yet .. and chances are both will stay with us for quite some time.

The Internet Killed the Video star video was the first in the Regurge series over at eStudio.com, and has since its publication been followed by such wonderful pieces of music as I did it all for the Pokée by Wimp Pissed Kid and I Want a Fat Babe by The Snacktreat Boys - as you can probably guess, these are parodies of songs by Limp Bizkit and The Backstreet Boys, respectively.

Visitors to the eStudio website should also take their time to enjoy the beautiful design of the site, which uses Flash animations by Macromedia. What I wouldn't give to have a homepage like that.