In Inherit the Wind, Henry Drummond makes a very important point. Progress is in the sacrifices. You buy a phone so you can talk to people over great distances, but you sacrifice some privacy. You create a wonderful new, amazing, and popular device, but you sacrifice the electricity needed to power all those new machines. When you seek truth, you sacrifice faith.

This lead me to figure out that in the long term, the sacrifices are repaid a thousand fold. The progress made can lead to other progress, progress that replaces the current progress, and therefor also having a different sacrifice. Perhaps one of less consequence. Sacrifices can eliminate other sacrifices, but progress always adds to or replaces other progress.
"Reasonable men adapt themselves to their environment; unreasonable men try to adapt their environment to themselves. Thus all progress is the result of the efforts of unreasonable men." -- George Bernard Shaw
Which leads one to wonder. Ignorance isn't bliss; you are sacrificing bliss for ignorance and ignorance for bliss.