At the time of this writing, I have 115 writeups and 361 XP. I've noticed that alot of people out there have like 16 node-fu, which makes me look bad, but upon close inspection, they've usually submitted about 80 silly nodes for every 2 factual nodes, so it ain't that bad ^_^

I should've done my Biology homework today, but alas, I didn't. I was busy procrastinating. I don't care much about my homework anymore for the most part. Or rather, it bores me so much that I avoid doing it to the extreme. Not sure...

So I noded about half of the day. 3 levels in 3 weeks? Watch out Psuedo_Intellectual ;)

(Despite what my user log says, I started noding 1/1/Y2K+1. It's just that I created the account, forgot aobut the site, and didn't come back till a link showed up on /. a month later)