My September 19th started at 2 am, I got in from work. A bunch of freshmen were drunk last night, (It's Monday night, why?). I went to sleep, woke up at 8 am with terrible cramps and leg pain from working on my feet for 6 hours straight. I was misrible, I called my best friend who convinced me to not go to my first lecture. So I layed in bed until 10 and went to my next class.

Microbiology lab and my bacteria did not look happy, I think I should give it crack.

When I did a Grahm stain and spilled purple dye on my fingers.

I went to my job interview with purple finger tips. The lady's assistant interviewed me, he was about my age, so I think I did really bad cause I was being my usual smart ass self because he was too young to have authority. I have another 3 hour lab in half an hour. I think I have to crystalize something and snort it..

No.. Wait... I dunno..

I am off to class... If somethign that's actually intresting happens, I'll node on it later.