It is beautiful here

Why fight it? The sky is blue and there are vast green spaces.

But I don't want to be here.

Birds sing and the weather is mostly balmy. The ocean is at your feet.

I want to be back there - you know that.

Can't you just give it a chance? Please?

I've tried. You know how I've tried. It's no good. I want to be there.

You can't. It's gone. You sold it, gave it away.

I didn't mean to. How could I have done that? It was who I am.

No, no. It was just a house, things, a place. You are you, here and now.

I left a big part of me back there. You know that.

Stop being silly. You are not ET. You belong here. This is your home.

I don't. It's not. Can't you understand? I made that my home. I invested so much of myself doing that.

But you are here now. Look around you, look how nice it is, look at everything you have here.

I know. It is beautiful here. But . . . please?