In a hospital scene. A hospital full of long dark hallways with small doors.

Got to one part where the nurses were watching a bunch of people playing a game called "UTC".

Really gory game. It had zombie doctors mutilating patients, having people frozen and thrown into vacuum and having their eyes pulled out.

The focus character nurse got a little fed up with it, and a little scared, and she left to go about her duties.

She wondered whether those kinds of things would really happen to a person...

She went looking for people.

She ended up in a classroom (?) full of younger children and some adults. It was still dark; they were running a slide presentation. The nurse looked for a place to sit, near an adult. She made her way to the front and sat next to a man.

The presenter up front began to talk about exactly what to do in such a situation, and the most important thing was never to freeze them.

And then, you know, it started happening to the guy next to the nurse. Just like that, and his legs were all bad, and...
The nurse felt she had to do something, and she realized that she was .. well, her body temperature was low enough to freeze things, I don't really know how to describe it. And of course her impulse was to help the guy with this, but it was a tough effort for her--she started trying, and had to rip herself away from him. She only just managed, and just had to sit there and watch the guy...