Our school building was under attack by unknown assailants.

Luckily for us, there was a magic charger in the basement that we got to activate. This machine, it 'charged' all metallic objects in the building with a sort of aura, an inherent white glow.

These were our weapons. I picked up a few small cubes and stuffed them in my pockets. Whenever I saw a bad guy, I would try to touch or hit him with one.

If I succeeded, his clothes would turn white and presumably I was safe from him. Unfortunately, I didn't have that much metal, and I found out rather quickly you could only use each piece once.

I had a plan. I'd go down to the basement and try and recharge the machine. I had an idea this wasn't safe, but I went and did it anyway.

It worked.

I was able to manage to hold down the library in the basement, keeping it safe from the pastor and the others who were already down there.