I dreamed it was supposed to be my first day of high school. (Irrelevant Explanatory Note: The perspective character I call 'me' in this dream wasn't actually me, nor anyone I'm familiar with.)

It was very early in the morning, and still dark. A relative (we'll call him an uncle) was supposed to drive me to school. I was very anxious to get there well before school started, so I could actually meet people before class. But the uncle was taking his sweet time.

Turns out we also had to pick up another relative (call him cousin) and take him to the elementary school. Joy. We're here driving in the dark on my uncle's motorcycle through a street in the forest, to get my little cousin, and I'm here angsting about being on time.

Anyway, finally we arrive at my school. In the grey light of morning I ponder how high school can be hell. And then, the first bell rang, and all of a sudden it was. Hell, that is. Literally.

(Relevant Explanatory Note: Yesterday, I read the node No Exit, which told me about Sartre's play wherein three people are in a room in Hell and realize they hate each other. Whatever. It pointed to Hell is other people, a famous quote from the play, and in that node is given The Onion's little twist on that, that being "Hell is other Frenchmen". In my dream this relexed as "Hell is other freshmen.")

So all of a sudden I was in a room (which looked remarkably like the study in my mom's house.. the room I in the real world happened to be sleeping in at the time) with two freshman girls and a major demon. I say 'major demon', in that he was somewhat important, not that he was large or menacing to any degree. He looked like an average middle-aged bureaucrat.

He talked to us for a little while, about stuff I forget what, leaving us and coming back to us several times. Finally, we were led away to another room with a circle on the ground. The two girls were instructed to stand in the circle, and on doing so, they disappeared into a colorful vortex, of which I got the impression that it was a gateway to the "other" hell, the one with the fire and the burning. The major-demon then told me that could have happened to me too, if I had tried to make certain sexual advances on him (he described them, but I forget what they were).

I followed him out, but he wasn't there anymore. I decided to explore some on my own. I went to the lowest level of the compound and just started walking around, looking into everything, like the characters in console RPGs do.

The bottom floor was a dormitory, with wooden walls, apparently entirely deserted. The rooms were disheveled, as though the demonic fellows lodging there never learned to put away their clothes.. (I mean, why would they want to? Cleanliness is next to godliness.)

In one room, however, I met a skeleton. (This one wasn't Latin, like the one in yesterday's dream.) He talked to me; about what, I can't remember.

Around this part I start forgetting the rest of the dream, although I do remember eventually leaving the Hell building for the outside, above-ground world.