William Gibson, author of such books as, Neuromancer, Count Zero, and All Tomorrow's Parties, has given his readers a slightly different way to relate to his stories than many other authors.

Gibson employs something we see in everyday life. That is the brand name. Many "props", for lack of a better term, in his stories are branded, letting the readers learn the popularity, proliferation, and in some cases, the reliability of them.

For example, Ono-Sendai was the brand associated with the cyberspace decks that were used to navigate the internet. Hotspur-Hussar was the make of the SUV that Barry Rydell drove while working for Intensecure. Even some current brands came into play, such as Carl-Zeiss, the manufacturer of present-day camera lenses. They reffered to the artificial eyes implanted in Sim-stim actors.

By incorporating these names into his books, Gibson helps the reader to feel almost at home in his dreary future.