There's a somewhat less famous QT as well -- QT is the common name for QuikTrip, a chain of convenience stores found in larger cities in the midwest United States. (Officially, the list includes St. Louis, Atlanta, Tulsa, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and a few others, including the inevitable outlier, Phoenix.)

As such things go, QT is actually a rather good convenience store. The prices are entirely too high (as is normally the case -- you have to pay for your convenience somehow) on most merchandise, but they always have competitive prices on gasoline. They even guarantee that if their brand of gas somehow damages your engine, they'll reimburse your repair expenses.

Having done more than my share of driving, and having visited more than my share of hole-in-the-wall shops, QT stores are actually a welcome sight. They're uniformly well-lit, clean, safe stores where you're not likely to be gang-raped in the men's room or suffer any other similarly unpleasant fate.