Through various experiences in working in the fast food industry(that is work falling in the category of "hello, can I take you order?") and everyday encounters, people in America tend to call everything that is of a chicken nugget appearence a Chicken McNugget. When working at a fast food restaurant, people would ask, "I'd like one order of Chiken McNuggets". I would reply, "This is Boston Market, if you want Chicken McNuggets, McDonald's is two blocks down the road", after saying this the customer would usually storm out the door, or attempt to reach over the counter and strangle me.

Even standing in line at my university's cafeteria, people have repeatedly asked for "Chicken McNuggets", when clearly the sign above the dish being served says Chicken Nuggets. Have we been McBrainwashed? Has an early exposure to McFood forced us into asking for it by name in every circumstance (like ordering a coke at any arbitrary restaurant). Perhaps that may be the McSitutation.