Walking out the door to work this morning, I met one of the stray cats in my neighborhood. It was walking past the foot of my stoop and, glanced in my direction and stopped as our eyes met. I crouched down on the second step of my stoop and reachead out to it. Slowly, as if in some exhausted 6:30AM trance (this is a cat we're talking about here), it walked up to my extended hand to rub up against it like all cats do. Thrusting it's neck forward and turning it's head to the side it began to rub up against me in a familiar feline manner. It stopped half way and just looked at me for a few seconds. It was just staring at me, I was staring at it. An emaciated shambling persian looking cat, with a patchy orange-ish coat like the color an old lady would dye her hair, just kinda staring at me confused and google eyed. It moved on, most likley spooked by the fact that I didn't have any food, or smelled like any food it could eat.