If you ever find yourself travelling through the deep south, parts of the midwest, or teleported back in time to the Wild West, you'd best learn to steer clear of the following subjects:

The above subjects may veer into what are known as "fightin' words". The mere mention of fightin' words will, more than likely, lead to a fight, probably one where beer bottles and pool cues are used as weapons. Unless you have a Begbie complex, this is a situation best avoided. Just keep to yourself and don't stare at anybody for too long.

Actually, just about every region has fightin' words. Southern California has smack and I think New York City has shit talk.

The phrases "them's fightin' words" or "them are fightin' words" are often used in jest, but you should really be careful where you utter these, as some people will break a beer bottle and stab somebody out of pure conditioned response.