"Did you see her today?"

I had only mentioned the falling in love with your best friend node to him and he knew what I was talking about. Unfortunately, I hadn't seen her, not for a while. While we live fairly close we never see each other. We did talk today though.

She's got a lot of stuff to worry about. Nothing has ever been easy for her. Suffice to say that anyone she has ever trusted let her down and Murphy's Law has always been in effect for her life. That's where I usually come in. She and I have shared much of our struggles. The saying "Shared pain is half pain, shared joy is double joy" was never far from my thoughts. She told me about her boyfriend, how they were going to get married, and how they eventually broke up. She told me about how great she was going to be in computer science, how much she hated it, and how business was a better route. She told me about her health problems, and about the funiture in her new apartment.

When we talked today part of my mind wondered off into my own little world. It was a world in which the ideas, feelings, and emotions from the past all mix in where time has no meaning. The feelings I had for her years ago assimilate with the feelings I have now. Years ago, I was a teenager who wanted a girlfriend that never was. Now she could be so much more than just a girlfriend.

In the end all he said was "Yeah." He knew how I felt. He knew what I was thinking. My only wish is that I knew what she was thinking.