Yea, and as I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil...
Psalms 23:4

A novel by R.A. Heinlein, written manifestly in his dirty old man stage.
A story of a, well, dirty old man who was wealthy enough to afford the world's first brain transplant operation. The results of the operation are not quite expected on several different levels; Not only does Johann Smith awake to find himself in the body of a person he knew intimately, a close friend, who had the misfortune to get killed immediately before the operation (to dismiss unneeded suspense, it was a coincidence), this person also happens to be...a woman.
The novel poses several interesting philosophical questions, such as the difference between the soul and the intellect, and discusses the ability of planarian worms to run a maze more successfully after being fed the remains of a successful worm as applied to human brain transplants.

First published in 1970
Latest edition: 1990
Publisher: Ace Books
ISBN 0441359175

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