Gerard Finneran is not alone ...

Tuesday November 5th 2013, aboard Unites Airlines flight 41 from Rome to Newark ... the last to disembark the 30-seat Business-1st class cabin were the married couple in 1A / 1B but, before doing so, Mr. 1A complained about the paucity of toilets (2) for the number of people (30 passengers + 3 pilots + 5 flight attendants) in that cabin on a 10-hour flight.

He was advised, United Airlines had already been informed of such by flight attendants who received word their opinion was neither requested nor required and so, it was suggested Mr. 1A advise United.

This was ignored and Mr. 1A proudly went on to tell the crew, as there was a queue for the loo and he couldn't wait, instead of telling anyone he had an 'emergency', he returned to his seat (1A) and pissed in his blanket which he then left on the floor.