Almost every day, you could find my small figure prancing down the long stone trail that lead through the forest outside of town.

Mum said that the path was built a very long time ago. There was once a small village on the other side. They were of a hard working sort, she said, and would often be in our town to buy goods or to work.

Nobody walks the path anymore, she said. There was a huge fire, one big enough that everyone in town was afraid that the fire would spread and burn up their houses.

Nobody walks the path anymore, she said once, I recall.

For one thing, I walked the path. It was beautiful and so much fun, and I could just relax with my friends, who also walked the path.

I tried talking about my friends once, but mum wouldn't believe me. She said it was a very good story. Good fiction.

Dad used to bring me and walk me through the path. It was never far, but it was far enough to catch the attention of a very young child. He died a long time ago. I don't remember, but mum says he got very, very sick.

Sometimes during the rainy season, it will flood, and the path will end up a little stream I can sail paper boats down, even long after the rain has stopped. One time, the water was moving much faster than usual. I rushed after my precious, tiny vessel and followed the path a little further than normal before I caught it.

Now that I had broke my normal bounds, I was overwhelmed by curiosity over the unseen forest. I kept going, and eventually, I met Typhin.
He had seen me long before I saw him, and he followed me before revealing himself.

"Whhho Are You?" he stared at me with huge all-encompassing eyes
I found that I couldn't speak.

"Do Not Feear Me, Child"
"I Am Typhhin, Feear Me Not"
I was utterly frozen as he crawled towards me, pacing to be behind me, his tail trapping me from exit.
"Whhho Are You? Whhere Are You Frrrom?"

"Come, I wwwill take you hhome."

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