This poem was written in 1900 by Frank Norris, expressing a longing to attend the fraternity celebration that, only two years later, would be dedicated to his memory. The Exile's Toast is still a part of the Frank Norris Pig Dinner every single year at every single chapter of Phi Gamma Delta on the continent, it is still one of the biggest events of the year.

The dinner was at the time, held every year the night before Thanksgiving, at the Poodle Dog resturant in San Francisco. This was the day before the annual match up between the football teams of Stanford University and Berkeley, and the Fiji's always came out to show thanks and support the Berkeley team.

For obvious reasons, when reading this poem, I suggest trying out your best thick german accent.

To the committee:
Gesundheit! Ach mein lieber vriendts, dot note she gome today,
You're dinin' bei der Poodle in der same ol' jolly vay;
While me, Ach Gott, du lieber Gott, I've sit me down undt wept
Dat your kindt invitationing I can not yet accept.
Der Poodle! Doand I know der blace, say, blind mein eyes oop tighdt
Undt standt me bei der Plaza on, I findt der Haus all righdt.
Der gless-ware I've ge-broken dere, der sboon I hef ge-stole!
Der vhiskey Chimmie Vhite hef drunk from ous der sugar-bowl!
Ach, dose were days, der Gibbs he knows, undt Mairsch he knows ut too,
Undt Hethauern could ree-member yoost a leedel ting or two,
Undt dot poy Earnie Hoentersohn, he's leedle, put, oh my,
He nef'r sets his schooner down until he's drunk her dry.
Undt ulzoh Wallie Every-bit, who alleways knows ut alle;
Undt Gibbons--"Loaf-of-women"; he leads Shermans at Lunt's Halle.
Undt den, Ach hoch der Vaterland, dere iss der soldier man,
Der terror oof der Sbanniards in der charge of San Joo-an,
Der awful Captain Sailfridge, he's a howlin, martinet
(Vhen speakun to him, touch der cap, he loafs dose etiquette),
Undt Brooksie Balmer he gomes, too, dot quiet leedle poy,
Dey galls him vhen he's vairy goot, der sewing circle's joy.
Undt Hoomphries he's der sly one, undt he knows der historie
Von efry Fiji chaper in der land from Sea to Sea.
Undt Pilly Shmidt undt Emory, dey does deir leedle stunts
Fallutin' mit der "Younger Set" each Saturday at Lunt's.
Hi alle you Grads, you lucky Grads, who dis T'anksgiving Day
Cen shtop at home, joost tink oaf us, der Exiles far away.
Dere's Chunky in Geneva, undt dere's Corbett in Paree,
Undt D-doodle's gone to Noo Orleans, undt in Noo York dere's me,
Undt Hooston's in St. Louis, undt dere's Rether-- Gott knows vair.
Ve sits undt vaits undt vatches undt ve groan undt tear der hair:
Ve reckons oudt der difference in der time undt every one
Ve says oudt loud, "Dey hef kicked off, der game hef joost begun,"
Undt ve ain'dt dere to see ut played, undt ve ain'dt dere to yell,
Undt ve ain'dt dere to see der team joost knock 'em into Hell.
Vail, vhen you all sits down again to eat dot Poodle lunch
You alle joost try to vancy dat ve're mit you in der bunch.
Here's to der team: Bei Gott-- stand oop-- dis ain'dt no usual drink;
Stand oop--Hands round--between us alle, it is der gommon link.
Stand opp. It is der Exile's Toast we're mit you alle today;
We're back once more in der ol' blace, undt back egain to stay.
Stand oop, stand oop; from East undt West we've gome to be mit you;
We're dinin at der Poodle joost as once we used to do.
Dis day we show our colors, undt let alle der eagles scream,
We're dinin' at der Poodle, undt we're drinkin' to der Team.
                Very Fraternally,
                                 Frank Norris
Source: The history of Phi Gamma Delta, Tomos Beta, by William Fosdick Chamberlin

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