Happy Emergency Telephone Number Day, United States of America!

I shit you not, in 1987 Reagan declared September the 11th the 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone Number Day.

Going back a few years, in 1297 the Battle of Stirling Bridge happened. 700 years later in 1997 a referendum was held and the people of Scotland voted to establish a Scottish Parliament, with tax-varying powers. The United Kingdom apparently maintains responsibility for defence and international relations.

Back in 1922 the British Mandate in Palestine began (some memo got approved on this date). Oh yeah, that really worked out well.

In 1940 George Stibitz demonstrated remote operation of a computer. Think about that for a moment.

61 years ago in 1943 Nazis started to wipe out ghettos in Minsk.

Pee Wee Herman went on the air on HBO in 1981.

In 1941 construction of an office building began. It would be in need of some repairs 60 years later.

Apparently the 11th of September is the date when, in 1857, some Mormons and Paiutes massacred all but the youngest members of a party travelling from Arkansas to California. For shame.

Some people who like animals formed the World Wildlife Fund in 1961.

Augusto Pinochet took over Chile in 1973.

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