Just what is Freedom of Speech in today's world? And just how much power does this one simple right grant a human being? Or maybe we should call it a priviledge, as both the government and the court system seem to have the ability to restrict and repeal this right based on the ideas being expressed.

For example, if I were to compose an email virus whose body of text outlined how American Imperialism is slowly dooming the Third World to either march to the beat of the American Drum or be obliterated, would this fall under Freedom of Speech? Probably not. It would more than likely be classified by the courts as cyberterrorism, but even so, wouldn't you be creating a new medium of communication?

Hard to control and censor, easy to get a message out the technological world at large... in fact, I'm surprised this means of communication hasn't already become more widespread.

Terrorism and Cyberterrorism, at their roots, have primarily existed as a means of spreading a message to a mass of people, albeit through violent or obstructive means. Using a medium such as this, you would be accomplishing your goal without loss of life or the creation of a violent public backlash. As a bonus, the message would remain uncorrupted by the personal or political bias of the media covering the story. Thus, in this day and age where the message no longer seems to matter as much as how loudly you can shout it, you gain the use of a rather large megaphone.