Title: Blood Price
Author: Tanya Huff
Published: 1991
Publisher: Daw Books

Blood Price is Tanya Huff's first book in the Vicky "Victory" Nelson series. It centers around Victory Nelson, an ex-Toronto cop who had to retire due to an encroaching case of Retinitis Pigmentosa, and is attempting to make a living as a Private Detective.

Of course, like any Private Detective in an Urban Horror novel, she doesn't make much of a living unless something of supernatural danger stumbles into her life.

Cue the supernatural danger. She witnesses a brutal slaying by something fast and black, and investigates the matter.

We also meet Henry Fitzroy, the 450 year old bastard son of King Henry the 8th. As any Vampire would be, he's concerned that the mounting death toll of bodies with their throats torn out is due to a young, uncontrolled vampire on the loose. Little does he know...

Throw in Vicky's ex-partner and love interest, Mike Celluci, and you've got rational explorers and love triangles galore. Not to mention supernatual gorefests and nasty demonic escapades...

The Victoria Nelson series is not Anita Blake, by any means, with scant sensuality, and not a great deal of supernatural overtones. The book is more of a supernatural murder-mystery, with some vampiric overtones and a few neat plot twists. It's generally satisfying, but not necessarily frightening or terribly violent or action packed. This book mainly exists to set up the series.

Still, a worthwhile series to check out.