Canadian fantasy and horror author. Born in Nova Scotia, raised in Ontario, Huff spent three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve as a cook. She received a degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute; shortly thereafter the CBC laid off large numbers of employees and she ended up working at Bakka, North America's oldest surviving science fiction bookstore, for the next eight years. It was during this time that she began her career as a writer.

Huff lived in Toronto for thirteen years before moving with her partner and an assortment of cats out to a house in "the middle of nowhere", where she still resides.

I've only read her "Victory Nelson" vampire series, but in my opinion it's the best set of books about bloodsuckers out there, kicking ass all over Anne Rice and Laurel K. Hamilton.


The Victory Nelson Series

The Novels Of The Kigh

  • Sing the Four Quarters (DAW, 1994)
  • Fifth Quarter (DAW, 1995)
  • No Quarter (DAW, 1996)
  • The Quartered Sea (DAW 1999)
  • The Fire’s Stone (DAW, 1989)
  • Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light (DAW, 1990)
  • Ravenloft: Scholar of Decay (TSR, 1995)
  • Summon the Keeper (DAW, 1998)
  • The Wizard of the Grove (DAW, 1999)
  • Omnibus edition of The Last Wizard & Child of the Grove

Short story collections:

What Ho, Magic! (Meisha Merlin, 1999)
Magdelene & Terezin (Tesseracts, 1999)

I realized today that, aside from Quizro's nice bibliographic summary above, the nodegel is fairly bereft of things Huff. Which is odd, since she's a prolific and popular author. There's even a TV show, Blood Ties, based on her Victoria Nelson books.

So, I hereby declare a Tanya Huff mini-quest for the month of February. I'll give a 50XP bonus and chingery to every good review of her books (or writeup of her series characters) that you post on E2.

For ease-of-noding, here's her up-to-date bibliography. Please message me when you post, and I'll list your contribution beside the relevant book title. If someone's already covered a book you want to node, please node it anyhow. Reviews love good company.


Victoria Nelson Series (Blood Books)

Smoke Books

Quarters Novels

Wizard Crystal Series

Keeper's Chronicles

Confederation Series

Non-Series Novels



Titles and series categories from her official site at

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